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    Introducing our Yin Yang  ring in two tone 18k


View our entire line of yin yang pendants


Double 2 tone 18k Yin Yang and double sided available with or without gem stones


Our New hand fabricated 2 tone 18k yin yang pendant with solid back



Our design cut in natural black and green jade bordered with white gold and set with a natural ruby & sapphire.



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The shopkeeper

Welcome to our little on-line Mom & Pop Shop & studio, my name is Bob Brucker, your host and narrator, Sales and Marketing, Accounting, Web Designer, design consultant, customer service advocate & Photographer. 

I am also the guy who answers your e-mails and schedules the work. 

   The Goldsmith

Carol, holds the real skill and talent! She's been making and designing (Bench work, Wax carvings, Stone settings, Mold making, Fabricating, Milling and yes, even hand polishing) Jewelry for 30+ years. (That is a lot of time for someone to perfect their skills) and as you explore our web site her level of Mastery will become obvious to you.

So now that you have made it to our site...

I promise you wont be Disappointed! We have Something Your going to Love, be assured.

 We do both custom casting and hand fabricating in house. Since we are a "Mom and Pop" shop, you can expect full accountability and a buying experience you are not likely to forget.   Done the way it should be...(a happy outcome each and every time)

We offer limited edition items and one of a kind items of our making & design. In addition, we design and manufacture custom gifts and accessories.

 Value for your money

but it is an excellent investment for that once in a lifetime purchase PLUS, It's just nice to own and enjoy a fine custom piece of jewelry.

  • It is by far better (and wiser) to pay a little more for Genuine quality and get exactly what you want Vs the alternative. If you have the means, than by all means go for quality every time..

    I believe our prices are fair and reasonable for the quality of work we produce. of course, this type of work carries a certain premium...
  •   Please expect no "discounts" or "special promotions" as nothing in our line is "closing out" or "liquidating"...
  •  however, you will be treated to a unique and fine experience. The workmanship and attention to detail, the finest gem stones and precious metals will more than justify the "price"...
  •  The life long enjoyment and pride in ownership? priceless.






    Yin and Yang

           All of our pieces are made to order

and reasonably priced from $200 to $7500      

n  All pieces are made to order so, size is something that can be adjusted to suite your specific requirements.

The size of this first piece is approximate to a nickel in solid 18k  3 tones (red, white and yellow) 18k gold with alternating gold color (18k) eyes.  It weighs approx 22 grams.

Although the photo doesn't really show the opposite color gold eyes, they are there but very subtle. Click on the photo to see how this was made... (the same way we will be making yours)

   3 tone 18k single Yin Yang pendant

Hand fabricated 18k bail & O ring with solid red gold back



This piece is finished on both front and reverse and can hold 4 gem stones or some combination of gems and "nubs" (for lack of a better word)


                  This is our newest piece, it is hand fabricated 18k two tone with a solid 18k back. it weighs 28 grams and definitely one of a kind:) it is 32mm in diameter.




The following piece is our newest limited edition design, it is a double sided 2 piece 2 tone 18k Yin Yang with your choice of either "nubs" on both sides or fine gem stones on both sides or some combination. the piece shown is typically for two people each wearing 1/2.

Click here to see more photos of this pendant




The next piece is something we would prefer not to make again if it is to include a hand fabricated locking mechanism so it could be warn together or individually,  it was quite a time consuming project and "mechanism".. 

  Sterling & 18k Yin Yang pendant or 2 tone 18k



This next piece just stunned us when it was complete.  The customer asked us to add a diamond & sapphire in two tone 18k and the result is far nicer than the photo can show. (and nicer than either of us expected) the play of light on the hand "high" polished gold gives it almost a "liquid" look.

                        18k two tone 18k diamond & sapphire yin yang pendant


This next piece is the smallest of the ones shown being just the size of a dime in two tone 18k with a diamond & Ruby.

 18k two tone w/ruby & Diamond

#6& #7



We made a matching set for a very nice family of 4 recently in sterling Using moonstone and black jade for the parents.  The center (2) pendants are the size of a quarter.





18k white gold with Yellow gold eyes, double.





small Single tone sterling silver double yin yang with Moon stones



Two tone 18k Single sided with sapphire & Diamond



The Following piece is a medium single tone 18k two piece yin yang pendant



This is a medium sized two tone 18k single pendant





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