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Welcome to Ahern & Brucker    

                  Fine Custom Jewelry designs & Limited editions

     by Master Goldsmith Carol Ahern



  Carol and I would like to take a moment and introduce ourselves to you.  Since we work hand in hand with each customer to produce the perfect piece for them we think it only right you know a little of our story.


  Carol is the master goldsmith with  almost 40 honing her skills and talents to new highs with every masterpiece she creates.


And, since we are only 2 people, one of us has to handle the business end of things and that job falls to me... I much prefer working with the customers on their particular design concepts and creating an image of the finished piece both in the minds of the client and Carol. We have had no dissatisfied customers.


  Being people who love and are inspired by nature, we moved to the Cascade Mountains over a decade ago to have the quiet we need to focus on providing Master craftsmanship Excellent service and a finished piece worth owning and wearing.


   Our partnership has made the work we do on your behalf possible and while family and friends might on occasion have thought we were a little crazy for dedicating ourselves so completely to our calling and offering only exclusive lines of original designs as well as custom work in the virtual world,  we like to think it was and is our single-mindedness of purpose that has and always will drive us.  That purpose is to  present to you the finest workmanship that will be treasured for now and future generations..


What can we make for you?

  Bob Brucker | Create Your Badge