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            Welcome to Ahern & Brucker    

                  Fine Custom Jewelry designs & Limited editions

     by Master Goldsmith Carol Ahern


"if we are going to do it, than we are going to do it right"

 I believe we charge a fair and reasonable amount for the quality of work we produce. Ultimately, it is the customer who set's the price range they are interested in investing. A reasonable budget for reasonable expectations is a good starting point..

 Many factors go into pricing such as time scheduling, availability and ultimate cost of the desired gem stones, the material we are to use,  single tone two tone, hand fabricated or carved and time it takes to design, construct and finish.  Shipping, special packaging, even payment methods all carry a cost.

We have no "discounts or special promotions", nothing in our line is "closing out" or "liquidating"... we make each piece to order and make it well.

 You are buying directly from the work shop. We have no middle men, advertising agencies or retailers adding to the sales price.  The price you ultimately pay will be the same price we would sell our work to a fine retail store or gallery.

To keep the "price" in perspective and to be sure you are comparing apples to apples, their are other things to consider when considering "price".

Price vs. Cost:

The price is an amount of money "traded" for a product or service. Cost is the difference between what you paid and what it is worth.

If "what you get is worth what you paid" than the only real cost to owning  is the cost to transfer funds.  I like to think of it as  trading simple dollars for something of equal value PLUS  something that is far more pleasing to the eye.

 And you will be treated to a unique and fine experience without pressure or sales gimmicks...   Our designs and workmanship and long history of satisfied customers  are our sales tools.

Our goal in "pricing"  is to produce a product that is worth what you pay.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We appreciate your comments, feed back and of course, your order.

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 What can we make for you?

Bob Brucker
Ahern & Brucker