Yin and Yang

The yin-yang is an ancient symbol of harmony, balance, unity, and the modern version as created by Ahern & Brucker has transformed and updated this image into a multi-dimensional personalized piece of jewelry suitable for both women and men that literally feels as if the metal flows with light and movement. 

It catches the eye and captures the imagination.  Whether as an expression of romantic passion, personal serenity, or family unity, this yin-yang pendant is rare in this day and age for its careful melding of simple, elegant design, and exquisite and painstaking craftsmanship by Master goldsmith Carol Ahern.


Available in a variety of options -metals, stones, construction- all of which lets you create a unique and genuine reflection of your true self.

To view the various levels of customization and modification and, the finer details, Click on the photos.          


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Welcome to

Ahern & Brucker

Fine Custom & Limited edition jewelry

 by Master Goldsmith Carol Ahern


Working with the individual or couple to create a unique and distinctive wearable masterpiece

18k two tone. Gem stones your choice or nubs.

Options                                                                                            Single Bail (1 piece)

                                                             Large (US Quarter )         Med (US Nickel)         Small  (US Dime)

Flat Back (2 stones or nubs)                       $4850.00               $3750.00                   $2550

Double sided (4 stones) Add:                        $250                       $200                       $175                                                         

Double Bail (2 pieces)  Add                           $325                       $325                    $325          


Sterling silver & 18k (1/2 18k)


                                          (                       US Quarter )         Med (US Nickel)         Small  (US Dime) 

                                                                               Flat Back (2 stones or nubs)

                                                                        Large                                   Medium                       Small

                                                                   US Quarter                                US Nickel                  US Dime

Single Bail (1 piece)                               $2975.00                                 $2375.00                 $1500.00


Single Bail double sided (1 piece) add      $ 250.00                                                       

Double Bail (2 pieces)  add                           $ 325.00 




Sterling silver

Flat Back (2 stones or 18k nubs)    

                                                                                    (US Quarter )            (US Nickel)                (US Dime)

Single Bail (1 piece)      Large$ 349            Medium $249            Small $199


Double sided (4 stones or 18k nubs) add $49.00   

                    Double Bail add                    $75     

Customize the piece by selecting stones of your choosing for the poles if you want that much more sparkle or think about an alternate metal such as platinum."




Platinum & 18k

shown: 1/2 dollar size with 1/4 ct premium diamond & Sapphire three tone 22k, platinum & 18k platinum bail & O ring

Options                                 Large (US Quarter )         Med (US Nickel)         Small  (US Dime)

Flat Back (2 stones or nubs)

                                                                         (US Quarter )                       (US Nickel)         (US Dime)

                                                                                   Large                          Medium                       Small

Flat Back (2 stones or nubs)                       $5250.00                           $4550                         $3250.00

Double sided (4 stones) Add:                        $250                               $200                              $175                                                  

Double Bail (2 pieces)  Add from:                  $450                              $450                               $450            



Limited edition Black and green jade yin yang pendant


Click Photo to see how this pendant is made.




Yin Yang pendant and Cross

Click Photo to view




Limited edition

 Custom Platinum & 18k Yin Yang Masterpiece Ring.

      Limited to 12 rings per year.

Click Photo to see how this ring is made.


2 tone 18k hand fabricated yin yang ring

Click Photo for more photos

    Options                                   Large         Med               Small  

                                                             Sizes                                   10 - 12          8 to 10            4 to 8

                                                              Prices                          $2350.00             $1950.00       $1550.00

                                      Premium natural Gem set add           $550.00              $350.00      $250.00

                                  Premium Lab gem set add                     $300.00              $300.00        $300.00





2 tone 18k hand fabricated yin yang ring


Each 1/2

Options                                      Large         Med        Small  

          Sizes                                        10 - 12    8 to 10     4 to 8

      Prices  from                                         $1950.00       $1450.00         $1150.000   




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