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Amethyst Flowering Calcite

Specimen 8 inches wide 8 inches deep 11 inches tall   10 lb. 3 inch by 5 inch flower no blemishes.  $980 including packaging shipping and insurance are charged the actual amount..

The amethyst cathedral geode broke after the amethyst formed.  Mineralized water flowed into the cavity and the flower formed on the edge of the amethyst.  The chances of an additional occurrence seem highly unlikely.

A true museum piece in every respect.



Cathedral Geode






Cathedral Geode


Four feet of awesome splendor with a base 14 inches by 20 inches weighing 190 pounds (approx).  This tall slim geode formed over a very long period evidenced by the two collar ridges which are spaced within the geode.  The ridges indicate that after the entire geode filled with the high silica water and formed the amethyst crystal the elevation of the geode changed two times during the formation with the mineralized water flowing at the two elevations adding to the thickness of the crystal.




Citrine Geode Quartz






14 inch wide 6 inch deep 12 inch high 27 pounds.

Citrine occurs as amethyst is heated by nature which changes the light purple to the orange or yellow.  Quite a few calcite occur in the bottom of the geode.  Citrine is less common than the amethyst .  $875  including shipping and insurance.



Cathedral Geode




Cathedral Geode The large white crystal formed in the gas bubble first then the amethyst then the white quartz.  The perfect orientation was possible

Because the cavity was viewed through a drill hole formed while mining the geode.  The large white calcite is termed dogtooth calcite technically called scalenohedral calcite. 

The Dogtooth Geode measures 13 inches high 10 inches wide and 8 inches deep.  $1800.00 including shipping within the U S A and insurance











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