Yin and Yang

The yin-yang is an ancient symbol of harmony, balance, unity, and the modern version as created by Ahern & Brucker has transformed and updated this image into a multi-dimensional personalized piece of jewelry suitable for both women and men that literally feels as if the metal flows with light and movement. 

It catches the eye and captures the imagination.  Whether as an expression of romantic passion, personal serenity, or family unity, this yin-yang pendant is rare in this day and age for its careful melding of simple, elegant design, and exquisite and painstaking craftsmanship by Master goldsmith Carol Ahern.


Available in a variety of options -metals, stones, construction- all of which lets you create a unique and genuine reflection of your true self.

To view the various levels of customization and modification and, the finer details, Click on the photos.          



Yin Yang wedding rings


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 by Master Goldsmith Carol Ahern


Working with the individual or couple to create a unique and distinctive wearable masterpiece



Our newest piece is also our largest piece as it the size of a half dollar and makes an incredible first impression, and second, and third...!   3 tones  or precious metals working in harmony - Platinum and 22k Yellow Gold on the front and a back made of 18k Rose Gold.  The two stones shown are a GIA certified 1/4ct round brilliant diamond (IF-VVS, D-E) and a premium natural brilliant blue sapphire which balance each other perfectly

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Although the photo doesn't really show the opposite color gold eyes, they are there but very subtle. Click on the photo to see how this was made... (the same way we will be making yours)

This pendant is all about alternating tones.  It is composed of 3 tones of 18k gold - white, yellow, and red.  The eyes or small circles in each half of the pendant are made of same metal as the opposite side, so in the white gold half the eye is yellow gold and in the yellow gold half the eye is white gold.  It is a very subtle but refined design element.





     This is our newest "hand fabricated" piece made in  18k two tone with a solid 18k back. it weighs 28 grams and definitely one of a kind:) it is 32mm in diameter.


 "Sophisticated and dynamic in design the metals in this pendant almost seem to flow into each other like two waves meeting on a shore.  The piece shown is made of 18k White and Yellow Gold, and the eyes are made from the contrasting material.  The back is solid 18k red gold giving the piece a nice weight to lay neatly in place against the skin.  


This piece can easily be personalized. Customize the piece by selecting stones of your choosing for the eyes if you want that much more sparkle or think about an alternate metal such as platinum.





From our Limited Edition Design line, this pendant consists of two separate pieces and is in 2-tone being in both white and yellow gold.  The eyes or nubs can be in the alternate color or be set with fine gem stones.  

The ultimate expression of love whether romantic or parental, give one half and wear the other yourself.  Particularly appropriate for those separated by deployments, work, or school.




Like the piece above this pendant consists of two parts but these interlock by means of a hand-fabricated mechanism so that 2 people could share the pendant or one person could wear the two pieces as a unit.  This makes the perfect gift for those forced to be apart for some time.  When apart you each wear a piece and when united in person, so is the pendant!



    18k two tone diamond & sapphire yin yang pendant

18k Two tone large double sided ruby & sapphire


Customer involvement in the design process adds that personalized touch that can make an exquisite design into something perfect for that individual and, as happened in this case, a pendant that's breath-taking!  


 18k two tone w/ruby & Diamond

#6 & #7

If you are looking for something more petite, this is the pendant.  It has all the energy and high polish glow as its larger cousins with just as much sparkle from the two tone 18k gold and, in this pendant, the look is magnified by the inclusion of a brilliant Ruby and Diamond





These pendants are expressions of completeness not only for lovers, but also families such as this set made for a Mother, Father and two children. Available in the spectrum of precious metals and, in reasonable price ranges.

Customize your own family’s set of pendants as children are born or go over to school or as they start their own families.  Makes a lovely multi-generational gift!






18k white gold with Yellow gold eyes, double.





Looking for a high-polish, high-look pendant in sterling silver instead of gold, this 2-part pendant would be an incredible gift to give and share whether in a new relationship, a long established partnership of the heart, or as a graduation present from parent to child.  The high reflection of the metal is continued by the glow of the Moonstones eyes.



Two tone 18k Single sided with sapphire & Diamond

This pendant, perfect for men and women, presents a smooth sharply defined 3-dimensional transition from the white 18k gold side to that of the yellow 18k yellow gold.  The Natural premium Sapphire and Diamond bring extra attention to this sophisticated design




This two-part pendant, the size of a nickel, can be made in 14k White or Yellow gold.  Each half can be done in high shine or matte.





Produced in two-tone 18k gold, the way this pendant is formed makes each half look like shell or mother of pearl, with light flowing in layers over the face of the pendant


Hand fabricated 3 tone 18k wedding  set



This is the perfect pair of rings to exchange along with your vows.  Each ring is formed by two rings which nestle in one another, fitting perfectly, and signifying the union of two hearts, two souls and the creation of a new singular whole.  Made from 3 tones of 18k gold - rose, white, and yellow - they are a stunning and unusual personal statement to one another, as well as something unique to represent your commitment to one another of completeness and togetherness



Hand fabricated 2 tone 18k


This ring is perfect as a gift to oneself of serenity or as a present to another as a statement of belonging one to another.  It is a solid band and the yin yang in 2 tones of 18k gold - white and yellow.  The eyes are in the opposite metal to bring a elegant and simple pop to the design.  Stones could be used in place of the gold for the eyes.  It is a stylish and classic design appropriate for men and women.


Platinum -18k yellow and red gold Yin Yang ring

Click photo to see what went into making this masterpiece



If you are looking for something a band ring that still has the power of the yin yang design associated with it, this is a special piece.  Made from platinum and 18k red and yellow gold the band is decorated with the yin yang design alternating with a sunburst pattern.  The center of the sunburst as shown has a colored gemstone, but could also be done with gold, if preferred.

  2 tone hand fabricated single ring with premium diamond & sapphire

notice the band is two tone as well 






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