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    Introducing our Yin Yang  ring in two tone 18k



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Double 2 tone 18k Yin Yang and double sided available with or without gem stones


Our New hand fabricated 2 tone 18k yin yang pendant with solid back



Our design cut in natural black and green jade bordered with white gold and set with a natural ruby & sapphire.


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Ahern & Brucker    

                  Fine Custom Jewelry designs & Limited editions
     by Master Goldsmith Carol Ahern


Custom Platinum & 18k Yin Yang Ring.

Incorporating both lost wax casting from hand carved waxes and hand fabrication using Platinum, yellow, red and white 18k gold with Yellow & Blue Sapphires and one red ruby.


This ring has 3 Yin Yang symbols each consisting  red and white  gold and each symbol consisting of 4 individual hand fabricated pieces and 3 star bursts in 18k white set with a premium gem stone.







The frame work is first hand carved in wax and cut into pieces each being cast in Platinum. Fir the interior of the ring, we used the customers initials as part of the frame work for a nice added touch.



A center ring is cut and carved to fit the inside of the platinum Ring and cast in 18k Yellow gold..



While that is in casting GOld sheet is milled  by hand, and each piece is cut from the sheet.



When the inner gold ring is ready, it's fitted to the center supports and each hand fabricated piece is shaped to fit the center ring.

Now we are getting close.



Once the customer has decided on the gem stone combinations, they are set by hand, than finished with a final series of hand polishing techniques only the Masters still employ.



And... A Masterpiece is born.