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     Welcome to Ahern & Brucker

                  Fine Custom Jewelry designs & Limited editions

     by Master Goldsmith Carol Ahern

Our customers have many ways of expressing themselves, but the basic theme seems to be

 "A  pleasant experience, a fine piece of jewelry and, money and time well spent. "

but, here's what they say:



Hello Bob,
I just received the ring, and it is awesome! The ring is extremely detailed and well finished. In addition, the cherry topaz is gorgeous. I am very pleased with the ring, and with your work and Carol's.
Thank you,





Hello Bob,
All I can say is Wow!  I think it turned out amazing. The design is fabulous and from your description, I can only imagine it is going to be even more breathtaking in person.  That being the case, I can't wait to see it for myself.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both you and Carol for helping us to make this a very special occasion for my mother and my family.  We greatly appreciate all your hard work and all your continued efforts.
Hope you have a great evening!



18k Toad ring

Hi guys, 

I just wanted to let you know that I picked up the ring from the post office and haven't taken it off yet.  I absolutely love it.  Perfection again!  Not much else to say.  Thank you for making this idea come to fruition for me!  Happy thanks giving, and I'll talk to you soon.  -Jacob- Montana



Yes the ring arrived, and it looks SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I am waiting to propose and hopefully she will say yes on Sunday. Thank you so much!!! I can't to see her reaction. This ring is so unique and beautiful, I can't thank you enough for helping me out throughout the whole process! Thank you again, and you have a customer for life in me!


Your friend,

Thank you,

Hi Bob,
Yes they did arrive and they are wonderful!  Fit perfect, really look nice and the quality is superior.  They absolutely exceed our expectations.  We are very much looking forward to wearing them.  Thank you again for the quick response.  All plans are in place and everything came together for an Oct 2 wedding date.



Bob and Carol,

I received my pendant - it's absolutely beautiful!!!!  You did an extraordinary, exquisite job!!  Thank you so much for your time and attention to all the finest details!!  I couldn't be more thrilled!!

Thank you, again, and my warmest regards,


Dear Bob

Thanks for your e-mail,

 The ring in very good condition , yes FedEx have forward it to Softfm Address and my office received it and forward it to my home..

 Thank god I was there and I got it before my wife.

She love the ring it look great and the diamonds too.

Thanks for your efforts. 




dear bob

I have recive the ring

i really love its perfect


u did great job




I received my CPO ring yesterday and "MY GOODNESS" what a piece; it is absolutely beautiful.  I'm so glad to have purchased this ring and so proud to own something like this.  I let my wife open the package and when she seen my ring her mouth almost dropped to the floor.  Her eyes were open wide and she was stunned and amazed, practically speechless.  She uttered the word "Oh my GOODNESS, this is a beautiful ring"; she then placed it on my finger while expressing how much I deserve it .   I can't wait to show it off in the Chief's mess!

This ring really embodies Navy Chiefs especially when we say...


With Utmost regards... Thank you,

Chief Darron Finley.

P.S.  Tell Carol she did a fantastic job, and that I appreciate her hard work.



Dear Bob and Carol,

The necklace is absolutely beautiful. Carols ability to combine stunning elegance with simplicity of design is truly remarkable. I am in awe of her talent.Thanks to Bob's instant response to e-mails and excellent photographs the project was a great pleasure from design to completion. I can't thank you both enough for the great experience and for creating a work of art that my daughter will cherish for a lifetime.


Best Regards,




Dear Bob and Carol,


The ring just arrived and I couldn't be more pleased. The ring and the stone are even more impressive than the photographs. I can't thank you both enough for your amazing responsiveness and attention to detail. It was really a pleasure from start to finish. You make a great team. Bob's fantastic communication and photographs, and Carols remarkable craftsmanship. I thank you both for all your hard work, the ring is truly a work of art. I look forward to a continuing relationship.

 I love the ring. For me it actually is a lot more than vanity jewelry. This ring with the wolves and garnet and inscription has a great deal of spiritual significance. I know it will serve me well and is something I can pass along, although I'm in no hurry to do that. I've been looking for a wolf ring for two years without any success until I found you and Carol, to my good fortune, and at a perfect time in my life

Very Best Regards,



18k white gold wolf ring with August Meyer rhodolite garnet & diamonds





  • The ring arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Thank you and Carol so much. The aquamarine is outstandingly pretty and a joy to look at. Is it so much different, yet similar to the other ring. By that I mean it has a dazzle to it, by having more jewels. It really is beautiful and the cut of the aquamarine was a very good choice of you and Carol at the gem show. I hope you had a wonderful vacation and were in awe of the lovely items to look at. I feel fortunate to be on the receiving end of a wonderful stone and piece of great art. I am going to wear it quite often, ( I have it on now ) and maybe perhaps there will be an event in the future that it can shine even more.
    I thank you and Carol for your continuing good work and am so pleased at the result.

    Most fondly,
    Manhattan Beach Ca

  • ____________________________________________________________




    Carol and Bob,

    We have the ring and it is incredible!  Mike somehow managed to NOT open it until he got to my workplace (about a 40 mile drive, don't know how he did it!) so I got to see it first.  Pictures don't do it justice and I don't have the words for it either.  It suits him so well and he is so very proud of it and happy with it (me too!)   I'm so glad we went with the 18K gold - there's such a depth to its glow.  The workmanship is unbelievable - the emblem and rank are so detailed...  okay, I'm out of words now.  I just wanted to let you know we have it and we love it.  I'm deeply grateful to have something so beautiful to give him for his birthday, something that is so perfect a representation of who he is.

    and before I get all mushy....WOW!!!!

    Thanks again and we'll be in touch.


    Thanks for the link. I was tickled to death to see my ring on your web site. I love this ring more and more as I wear it. Everyone who has seen it, loves it. I have given your web address to a few people. I hope it gets you some business.. I do have a problem with the ring. It is turning my other fingers  GREEN   ..............  with .......   ENVY  !!!!!!!!   I Thank you and Carol for this ring. It is Exactly what I wanted. It was a great pleasure to work with you two on this and Lila and myself truly appreciate your efforts. Thanks for everything, Mike

    West Va


    Hi Bob,

    Well, I don't officially have the ring yet, but I did get a sneak peek at it. It is gorgeous!!!!!  It is so beautiful!  I love the wolves, the stone, and everything about it!  The pictures weren't even close to how beautiful it really is!  I am extremely happy!  I'm not sure if I would have been better off waiting until the actual proposal to see the ring, because now I'm in twice as much suspense having actually gotten to see it and then having it taken away again.  I did try it on, though, and it fits perfectly.  I can't wait until I actually get it.  I'm very excited!  This is a truly special ring and I want to thank you and Carol again for everything.  Carol is amazing!  I'm really happy and will be even happier with the ring on my finger.  You guys are wonderful!




    Hi Carol,


    I finally received the goods. I found this one is more than I expected, thanks so much!










    Compliments of the season to you both.

    I'd just like to thank you both very much for my ring which I unwrapped on Xmas day. I am extremely delighted with it and wear it everyday. It is exquisite and being one of a kind not only in New Zealand but the World makes it all the more special. Thank you for the excellent service and all your help over the past few months from conception to completion.

    Kindest Regards,




    Hi there Bob and Carol, thank you again so much for
    the ring, it is so beautiful. Well since valentines
    fell on a Monday this year, and since me and Lydia
    have such conflicting schedules, yesterday I decided
    to take her to Sedona, so bright and early we left at
    5am, and arrived there around 7am trying to be on time
    for sunrise, well we have been having some rainy
    weather the past couple days here, so we didn't get
    much of a sunrise, but there we were with her holding
    an umbrella and me knelling in the mud in the pouring
    rain next to oak creek proposing to her. And she
    excepted, woohoo, I was so happy, and nervous, all
    rolled into one. The ring was a perfect fit, and she
    absolutely loved it. So now comes the next part, the
    wedding, but that will be awhile yet, thank God, one
    step at a time. Thank you again for everything, I just
    cant tell you enough. , thank you again so very much.




    Most excellent!  I hope he wears it in good health and
    it last for many generations as well ... we look
    forward to working with you in the future ... :-D  Do
    keep in touch, I'd love to see any new creations you
    do for a 'woman's basic ring' ... just to keep us in
    mind for down the line :-D

    Thanks for your hard work, it was well worth it!!!!




    Bob & Carol,
    Thank you very much the ring arrived today.
    What a nice home coming it made I arrived back yesterday
    after being gone almost 4 weeks. I love the ring
    way better than what I expected.
    Thank You for being so friendly a treat to do business with you
    Reggie & Terry


    Hi Bob and Carol,


    Yippee!  Ring came today...actually, a note from the post office.  They told me to come after 8a.m. tomorrow, but I went and pestered them until they dug around and coughed up the box.  Thank you, as you know I love it.  I can't wait to see it in all kinds of light.  The star is fascinating.  I'm gaining new appreciation for how hard it must be to take pictures, but I promise I will send some soon along with the story of what unfolds.  I have no patience left, so it could be quick !!!  Wow, what tremendous work!  It doesn't seem too big at all in person.  The book was a very thoughtful gift too.  Thanks!  OK, now to find some white gloves!  Thank you thank you thank you...more to come soon!



    Bob & Carol,


    Very good news.  We have a "yes."  After our run last night, I told Barbara to come over to my place (across the street).  I waited for her outside her door.  This corner happens to be where we had a first kiss.  I gave a long speech.  She was very happy and said yes.  I didn't actually show her the ring until we were back inside, but of course she loves it.  She can't stop looking at it...she thinks the whole beet thing was very daring, but she says it is exactly what she would want and really loves that we designed it with her in mind.  This morning we had brilliant sun and so had the pleasure of seeing it in sunlight.

    Manhattan NY.


    I got the pendant today.  Looks absolutely perfect!!! Thanks so much.  My wife is going to love it!!  I will let you know what she says when I give it to her.




    Hi Carol


    Just got the rings and couldn't resist - I had to have a peek.  They are beautiful - thank you very, very much.






    hi bob, carol  the ring is beautiful, you are a true artist as well as bob is a great sales person. much success with the ring, as it is worth it weight in gold, and beauty. any one who likes wolves i would suggest buying this.  thanks   karen n.j.



    Dear Bob & Carol,


    I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your help in making my dreams come true, I went to the FedEx office today morning and the man who working at the FedEx counter asked me for about US$300 just to release my package, they did not see what inside it because itís already released from Riyadh City after they pay the custom duty,  I said ok I will pay just please open the Package because I want to be sure that the ring inside it before I pay the money,


    Then we opened the package at the FedEx counter I was absolutely impressed. It exceeded my highest expectations in every aspect,  the only word which I hear from all the people at the FedEx counter is WOW! then I put it in my finger and itís really exactly the size of my finger, then I found the CD inside the Box, and I told them that this CD contain photos of my ring design process, the man who working at the FedEx monitor asked me could I see this photos?  I said sure you can then he run the CD at the same FedEx computer and just they was saying WOW at each photos, :)


    Really Iím very happy that I got the ring and I did not lost it at the shipping process since itís not 100% safe way and if any one from custom people hide the ring or replace it I will be in big problem with the FedEx People, then I pay the money and I was happy and I take my ring and set in my car for a good 10 minutes, I can't stop looking at it.


    I want to thank you both so much for the beautiful ring that you created. I am very happy with the entire experience and the exquisite piece that you made - it is truly a piece of art.


    Have a nice day Ö..



                    Mahran, Saudi Arabia




    Bob & Carol


    Trumpets should blare, but all I can do for the moment is to offer my deep gratitude for all the work that went into making both rings so beautiful, so right.  More words to come

    Jackie-Washington DC




    Hey Guys!
    I just want to let you know that I'm looking down at
    my new, beautiful ring as I type this message.  It
    arrived about an hour ago, and I can't take my eyes
    off it!  It is really magnificent.  I love everything
    about how it turned out, and I'm glad I decided to go
    with the row of diamonds along the ivory....it looks
    amazing in the light!  I also love the wonderful color
    of the 18k gold....it is just so bright and rich.  The
    detail work is wonderful.  I love how every little
    space is filled with leaves and beautiful shrooms.  It
    also just feels really good on my finger.  It has such
    a nice masculine weight.  I just love it.  Thank you
    both so much for making this very special project come
    to fruition.  I can't wait for the next







    Dear Bob and Carol,

    I received notice that my ring was ready for pickup at the post office.  When I opened the box, an exquisite piece of workmanship lay before me.  To say that it fits like a glove is an understatement; you could not have pinpointed my size any closer if I had been in your shop for fitment.  You and Carol have turned my gemstones into a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


    Louis- San Antonio Tx





    We received our rings Friday. They are so beautiful. The pictures didn't do
    them justice! Don't get me wrong, the pictures showed us wonderful rings,
    but they didn't compare to the ACTUAL rings when we opened the custom made
    ring boxes. I still cry when I look at them. Thank you so much for your hard
    work. These rings will be the the highlight of our wedding!

    Toni And Billy





    Hello Bob and Carol,
    I just wanted to write and tell you what wonderful craftsmanship and artistry you guys created when you made these rings, we love them. The rings are ten times more beautiful in person then the pictures that we worked with. I was surprised and pleased by how heavy they are the amount of gold you used is much heavier then then any of the prefab rings that we looked at. You guys are great. Thank you so much.
    Samone -Washington







    Hi Bob
    The cross arrived today its stunning if it had even been half that weight i would have been pleased, Scared now in case i lose it, Thanks very much for such a super personal service & beautiful item i am totally delighted.
    Thanks very much again Alfie-New Zeland




    I wanted to let you know that I picked up the ring today and it is perfect!  Thank you sincerely for your help and I look forward to doing business with you in the future!
    Thanks again!!




    I donít think there is a finer ring anywhere. When he put it on, it fit perfectly, not only the sizing, but the ring itself to his personality. He was very happy.

    Thanks again.




    Carol and Bob,
    Oh my but the ring is FABULOUS!!!  I am speechless...
    I hope you feel like you have truly outdone yourselves!  It is so so so beautiful.  I don't know if I will be able to keep it hidden until September when I have plans to give it to my husband.  It is so amazing I want to run home and give it to him right now!  But that wouldn't do it any justice!  It needs to come out at a special time.
    And the ring is made even more fabulous when accompanied with your outstanding customer service.  It has been a joy to work with you and you treated me in a way that isn't found often in this busy, busy world.
    Thank you so very much.  It has been a pleasure.
    Grand Lake, CO


    Hey Bob,
    Sorry it took a bit to get back with you.  We received the ring yesterday, and I have to say that Kim and I were both speechless.  Words cannot describe just how incredible this piece is, and you should both be proud of what you do.  Both the design and craftsmanship are unmatched in our opinion.  I don't think we could be happier with the end results.  The portfolio pictures look great. 




    The ring was/is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry we have ever seen. I will recommend you to anyone, and will be more than happy to be a reference for anyone. I didn't think or imagine it could be so detailed and meticulous. Thank you again.  Michelle



    Hello Bob & Carol,

    He loves it! Thank you so much for your beautiful work and for doing 
    it so quickly. He was so thrilled and surprised.

    I was waiting to write until the photographs have come in so I could 
    send you a picture of when he first saw the ring (when it was placed 
    on the minister's book). I've attached a couple of amateur photos, and 
    will send more when they arrive.

    Thanks again,



    I donít think there is a finer ring anywhere. When he put it on, it fit perfectly, not only the sizing, but the ring itself to his personality. He was very happy.

    Thanks again.

    In the near future, I have some pieces with rather large stones that I want to remount. The stones are from Brazil, mid 1960s, aquamarines and topaz. As soon as I am ready, Iíll be back in touch.

    My regards,



    It went fantastic. The ring is great- she loves it. It worked out very well, you may be hearing from me in the future, as we continue to develop our relationship. Zach




    I have received the pendant in good order, thank you very much!  It looks wonderful! 

    Thank you again!  It looks wonderful, and will look wonderful on Jayda.


    Natural black and green jade with Ruby & Sapphire Yin-Yang Pendant mounted in a 18k white gold hand fabricated setting.



    hi bob,
    I just received the pendant.
    it's lovely.....thank you very much!
    I really appreciate your wonderful cooperation in
    getting this to me on short notice.
    I will keep you and carol in mind for future gifts.
    best regards,


    Sterling & 18k Yin yang pendant with hand fabricated bail and 18" link chain.


    I was able to get off early and go to the post office and pick it up today.
    I am absolutely speechless. It's AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe how heavy it is. The work and look of the ring is just beautiful. I am so pleased. Thank you for such a beautiful ring.
    Maybe when I get ahead a little, I'll order a ring for myself. Your work is so fantastic. What talent you have.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your holidays
    Thank you again, I'm so pleased.
    Sandi - Phoenix


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