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When it "has" to be done right.


US Navy C.P.O Ring #005


















---> recast ring, emblem and letters.























and now, the finished ring.










I received my CPO ring yesterday and "MY GOODNESS" what a piece; it is absolutely beautiful.  I'm so glad to have purchased this ring and so proud to own something like this.  I let my wife open the package and when she sew the ring her mouth almost dropped to the floor.  Her eyes were open wide and she was stunned and amazed, practically speechless.  She uttered the word "Oh my GOODNESS, this is a beautiful ring"; she then placed it on my finger while expressing how much I deserve it .   I can't wait to show it off in the Chief's mess!

This ring really embodies Navy Chiefs especially when we say...


With Utmost regards... Thank you,

Chief Darron Finley.

P.S.  Tell Carol she did a fantastic job, and that I appreciate her hard work.





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