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Welcome to our Shop
On this page you will witness the  entire process of creating a custom pendant from conception to completion.
Choosing the stones
Part One
The Customer is looking for a Yowah opal pendant and Hand Fabricated chain... She chooses a Yowah opal because of it's rarity and uniqueness, and the play of bright vibrant colors. She has looked at- number of available opals on our Opal site but unfortunately she is unable to connect with the correct stone... 
Realizing the problem, I call a friend and opal dealer in Australia who has a private collection of investment stones. She is willing to part with a sample of 7 Yowah opals.
Opal #1
Opal # 2
      Opal #3      


Opal #4


Opal #5 


Opal #6


 Opal #7


The Customer finds had a tough time choosing between two of the stones so chooses to purchase both of her favorites Opal # 1 and #2. Carol and I weren't surprised as these two particular stones were the choice pick (and the most expensive)
Once we have established the center stone 
The end result looks something like this

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