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                  Fine Custom Jewelry designs & Limited editions

     by Master Goldsmith Carol Ahern

       "built  specifically for you"



If you see something you would like but it's just not exactly what you want and would prefer a different stone, a change in the setting (or anything else) or if you are ready to order, please contact Bob at 541-433-5262 or Contact us by E-Mail  with a time we can discuss the project.

Remember, your imagination and budget are the only limitations in designing your jewelry...... whether this custom piece is for yourself or a gift for a special friend or a company promotional item, we will attempt to satisfy your needs in a timely fashion with a keen eye on your budget.

Specialty pieces may take 6-12 weeks or longer for a Master Gold Smith to Design and Completely Hand Fabricate. Most of our pieces can be delivered in 2 to 3 weeks. Some of our pieces can be shipped in 24 hours. We can accommodate  rush orders (occasionally) and our prices are reasonable and fair.

To view a recent piece (still in progress) from conception to completion to get a better idea of what to expect from a custom shop.
Click  here and please allow some time for this to load... (it will be worth the wait)

Pricing of custom pieces can be a bit more involved as their are several  variables we would need defined prior to us even attempting a guess.

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