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Basic Man's Ring

18k White & Yellow gold with 1/2 ct Emerald center stone and two 1/3ct Emerald side stone2 and 4, 6 point diamonds.

Wearing this ring feels like slipping on a soft glove, the weight although noticeable is not obstructive. (I would caution Men who don't necessarily wear rings to be careful of hitting themselves over the head with this ring on, as it could cause serious injury.)

Think of this base of this ring your canvas and go ahead and add pretty much anything you desire. The choices and combinations are virtually unlimited yet forever bonded in craftsmanship.

If you only ever own one ring in your life, and you are fortunate enough to have the money... you may very well take a serious look at our basic ring.

This piece meets all of "my" requirements for a basic ring. The style represents to me a sense of sturdiness with clean lines. Anyone can tell it is a nice ring, only a few will know exactly how nice it really is. Those details are left to the connoisseur..

I chose Emeralds, but it doesn't take much imagination to envision something entirely different within the frame work.

The basics are there, hence the men's "Basic" ring by Ahern & Brucker (Carol & Bob)

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Basic Mans Ring

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14k White gold with Diamond & Sapphires

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