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If you are an artist or a purveyor of fine products, than our customers are looking for your products!

I will personally screen each site to determine if it fits the criteria I have in mind.. 

This is a Current list of  Link Partners we feel meet our criteria.. 

Please E-mail me with your information or idea.



We offer limited edition items and one of a kind items. In addition, we design and manufacture custom gifts and accessories of ANY kind.


                                            Ahern & Brucker

                                                                                                                         Custom Designs

                                                                                                                 LINKS OF INTEREST!

                    Many of our Real Life customers like unique, finer things in their life..


                                             Mercedes Bellevue -

                                                   Used Mercedes Portland - Seattle Mercedes-Benz delivers you the tradition of pure driving pleasure. Try our all-new 2008 C-Class available in two distinct models that best suits different buyer’s interest.nt buyers interest


                                                                     German Clockmaker's

                                                           Cuckoo Clocks

                          Old Germany Shop -  cuckoo clocks from Germany


                             Harzer Kuckucksuhren aus Gernrode


                             Cuckoo Clocks Online Shop *


If you are looking for the finest knives in the world with a selection that includes everything from hunting, folding and cooking knives (and hundreds more).


                 Messer, Bestecke, Jagdmesser - Schneidwaren aus Solingen


                  Cutlery, knives, tableware and knife sets etc.

                             from Solingen, Germany


            Handgefertigte Messer und Schwerter aus Meisterhand


                            Banner 10000015

                                   Swiss Army Brands Watches

  WatchZone - Its how internet tells the time






                                             Art Work


                                        General Fine Art

                            America's Wholesale Oil Painting


Visit the art of Leon                            :   

This site offers an extensive virtual gallery, as well as a valuable painting course, a
biography and information about his book, prints and real life expositions.




                Looking for something/someone?


Although this site isn't an art site, I find it a good site to do lookups and search the internet by search engine.. it's free and I Like it


                                       Other Useful Links


                                       Links to Wolf Organizations and Facilities


                                                     Wolf Links- News and info

                                             Sierra Club


PBS Burns | PBS

Naval Web Sites Listed Alphabetically

The Philadelphia Guide for Places and Events Philadelphia Living

Access Idaho Idaho's Official Web site

The Denver Post Online - DenverPost.com

Sunriver  Oregon Magazine - City of  Sunriver, Oregon guide and magazine

Watchnet Vintage and Fine Wrist Watches


                          Auction houses:



                      Bonhams & Butterfields



                               Tiffany & Co 


Description: Unique handcrafted jewelry that expresses sophistication and style. Many of these one-of-a-kind jewelry designs incorporate vintage beads, crystals and findings. Wearable art jewelry is perfect for special occasions or memorable gifts. Elegant custom designs, including custom tiara and bridesmaid jewelry designs - are a specialty.




            Mushrooms? Gourmet and Wild of course..

        A great starting place is a mushroom club and we like these

FUNGIFEST, is as good a place to start as I can recommend, with a weekly newsletter, interesting articles, links to clubs,  universities and other mushroom  related organizations world wide! 

Morels N More! order your t-shirts, caps, and a variety of other mushroom gifts.This site is expanding by leaps and bounds, with a lot of great links! 

Vancouver Mycological  or mycoinfo

they both provide links to mushroom hunters, mycological research,  environmental issues, clubs, meetings and forays from around the world! including products and gifts!

Another site I like for Photographs is  PamelasMushrooms.com.

Here you can find a gallery of mushroom photos compiled for over 20 years! now that is dedication.. Pamela sells these photos in reprint for greeting cards,  and posters... her site is new and she doesn't have a "set" price for her work, so be fair with her and I am sure you will both benefit.

Also, another site with a "different perspective" from Mark Hilliard who photographs mushrooms from his boat along the "Inter-Coastal Waterway".   Mark shows his work at several galleries in South Carolina       representing his work and we are happy to offer to our customers his link.


                                Mushroom Lamps! and waterfalls

I thought these were pretty interesting, the prices seem pretty reasonable,  and the owner seems like he is willing to work out just about anything you need



                         Bulk Exotics from Idaho City Mushroom Company

   Matsutaki Mushrooms fresh in season. (by seasonal contract paid in advance daily)

  Wild Huckleberries from Washington or Montana fresh or frozen (minimum 100 gallons)

 Fresh or dried: Morels, Chanterelles, Black trumpets, candy caps, hedge hogs, Boletus (minimum 250 dried lbs or 1 ton fresh lbs)

  Saffron, Pinecones (truck container or box car), Poles (2 flatbed rail cars), specialty lumber (flat bed rail or truck)