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Navy Chiefs Ring




             The orders from the "Chief" were as follows:

"Design a ring that  represents the finest in American craftsmanship."

had been looking at the available designs of other Military rings and wanted something
"clearly a cut above the rest being both Distinct and Unique".

Carol and I took this project mainly  because the retired chief just so happened to be her "Uncle Pat" "Retired Navy CPO Patrick Ahern (now deceased)

Needless to say, we must have done something right because he was very impressed when we delivered our version of what a CPO ring "should" be.

Here are the specs of this ring

Ring made in 18kt Yellow and white gold 

This ring is constructed of two pieces, the center piece being 18kt white gold, with a satin finish  which was hand carved by Carol as well as the 18kt yellow base.

Total weight approx 37 grams (Clearly over 1 oz) 

Rubies Sapphires Diamonds
(2 ea -6 total)

; AAA grade sapphires and rubies and  diamonds The rubies and sapphires are beautiful and a have great color! The diamonds are vvs1 "g to h" in color. (if you don't know stones, take our word for it, these are very nice gems.).

We would also be happy to  carve your particular insignia for this ring or Build a ring of your design.


Style 002