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     by Master Goldsmith Carol Ahern

       For this time in your life when  "off the rack" will  not suffice..



18k Mushroom ring with Ruby & Diamonds










This piece was made for the customers 20th wedding anniversary.
         # steveruby

        What can we make for you?

  • Hand Made (original and limited edition) Jewelry can be an excellent investment if done correctly... In addition, it's just nice to have and makes you feel good every day.

    This is the purchase you are going to make once in your life... you are going to own this longer than your car or house and you will wear it every day. It will become a part of you and and eventually will be passed down and treasured by future generations..

    • So, is by far better (and wiser) to pay a little more for Genuine quality and get exactly what you want Vs the alternative. if you have the means, than by all means, do it right every time..

      I believe our prices are fair and reasonable for the quality of work we produce. of course, this type of work can carry a certain premium...  you should expect no "discounts or special promotions", nothing in our line is "closing out" or "liquidating"... however, you will be treated to a unique and fine experience and the workmanship and attention to detail will more than justify the "price" and "wait"..

           Read a few letters from our customers

                          We offer to our customers:

      Their choices of precious and semi precious gemstones from around the globe from which to choose.

      Accessibility to some of the worlds most renowned Diamond Cutters, Stone Cutters and aware winning gem stone designers such as Larry Woods.

      Custom Fabrication Work and or Hand carved waxes by a master!

      Our own "Limited Edition" Pieces with extreme attention to detail.

      Missing a antique "match"? We can duplicate your original by hand

      Selecting a piece of jewelry is a personal decision. We are here to facilitate your dreams and visions into the reality you've dreamed about.

       We will tailor your ideas to create beautiful masterpieces and do it, time after time... 
    •  We are only limited by your imagination & budget.

      I'm certain you will be happy with your experience with us. we have yet to experience a single dissatisfied customer in nearly 30 years. and don't intend to start..


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