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Welcome to Ahern & Brucker's Fine Jewelry  Shop & Studio.

The Basic Man's ring collection

A finely hand crafted man's ring appealing to the better senses of style, value and individuality which is inherently and traditionally embedded in "the basic man".

For every occasion

Prices from $2,500 to $12,500
limited production of 50 rings per year.
The patriot ring
Ruby Sapphire & diamonds in 18k

                                                                   The Concept 


                                            Two tone 18k with Emeralds & Diamonds

This  ring will not win an award for "economy" because the idea was to build what I feel is "a nice mans ring without regard to cost, or labor involved"... whatever it takes to make and to own a true masterpiece...
I wanted a ring that would require all of the skill and talent that Carol could muster... the best of her efforts,  talents and skills...

The Design:


Two Tone with "8 star diamonds" & Ceylon Sapphires


Simplistic and timeless in design yet technically challenging from the foundation to finishing touches. Designed to appeal  to the Basic Man's sense of Balance, Rhythm and style speaking every language and touching the sense of good taste in those who have it to touch.

The Craftsmanship:

18k Palladium w/ sapphire & diamonds

A ring that will be recognized immediately as a quality piece of finely made art  by any old school master goldsmith or designer in any country. (and it is) 

Every detail is here... from the hand inscribed makers mark, signed and numbered to the extraordinarily detailed hand polishing by the master goldsmith Carol Ahern

each ring made and fit exclusively for your own finger... it will fit like a glove the moment you put it on.

The Materials:

PT 950 Platinum with emeralds, sapphires & diamonds



a finely hand crafted ring should have substance. A man wants to know that he is wearing a ring. this ring is made in either 18k or platinum is approx 6 mm thick, 12 mm wide and will weigh approx 34 grams in 18k.

The stones.

Everything about this ring is premium and the gem stones are no different. The nicest that money can buy is only acceptable for this finely made ring.









Other Considerations:




18k White with diamond and sapphires

A ring that will give you a lifetime of pride in ownership and equal pleasure in passing down to future generations."  and the comfort of knowing, an investment that will at least hold it's value through the decades for virtually "no cost of ownership"
So, When someone asks "how good does it get?"

18k white with H&A Diamond & Ceylon sapphires
This ring is THE shining example

"As a designer and Man, this all to me seems rather  "Basic", hence the development of "The Basic mans  ring"...

When it needs to be done right.


Ruby & diamond Two Tone
diamonds & sapphires 2 tone 18k
Ruby & sapphire Platinum
2 tone 18k chrome tourmaline & Diamonds
For questions, ordering instructions or to inquire as to  representing this ring please e-mail 

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