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Ahern & Brucker Fine Custom Jewelry

     by Master Goldsmith Carol Ahern


Welcome to our  Shop & Studio.

Here are a few recurring questions we seem to get...

Questions and answers.

If you have a question that is not addressed here, Please ask.


  What's the difference between the Limited edition and a Standard ring?

The difference between the limited edition and standard rings are mainly the gem stones we use. The limited edition ring uses the finest gem stones that Mother Nature can produce and consequently, money can buy. these are more along the line of Museum quality. The standard edition uses Lab Grown gem stones which are the best man can produce.

  There is a substantial difference in price as premium gem stones carry a premium. Other than that, the rings are identical.


What is the difference between the Men's and Women's version?

 The women's versions are typically smaller in size, weigh less and cost less.

What other charges can I expect to pay?

Our prices include shipping by  USPS registered priority mail

 No charge for personal checks or bank wire transfers.

2.5% charge for Credit card transactions

 What is your lead time?

Currently, 6 to 8 weeks is a comfortable time frame for us but we can still on occasion handle a rush order. As we introduce more designs, we get more sales and we are limited to the number of pieces we can produce per year. We appreciate as much advance lead time as you can possibly give. We can however (on occasion) accommodate a rush order.

What if I change ranks? "The only other question I
have is- One I pick up Senior or then master chief.  Is it possible to
keep the same ring and change the anchor to reflect the stars once I
pick up Senior and then Master chief?"


If you change ranks, we will be glad to replace your old emblem with the new one and refinish your ring back to it's new condition for a nominal charge.

Can I  supply the gold or, I have some old scrap gold with sentimental meaning I'd like to use in the ring, is that possible?

Well, it's possible and we have done it in the past with mixed results... casting problems, increase risk of pitting or porosity, increased time in finishing, sometimes resulting in us having to start over...

 So, as a matter of policy, we only use newly refined gold in our jewelry.  Most jewelers will mix the old scrap (dirty) gold or other metals in their work, we feel if you are going to go to the expense of having us make a ring,  it should be done the right way.


What ever gave you the idea to make a CPO ring?


"This" <---click


Carol and I were visiting her uncle Pat, (now deceased) but was a retired CPO at the time.. He was commenting to Carol and I that he had wanted a chief ring for over 35 years and was not able to find one he liked...


During our visit, he showed me pictures of rings and for every ring,  he had a dozen reasons why he didn't like it... he had been looking for 40 plus years and was feeling discouraged...

On that level, him and I connected... and I knew exactly what he wanted... (plus, it's my job)

He asked us if we could design a ring that would be more fitting to his  years of service and convey the amount of pride he felt.   and we here honored to take on the challenge after all, it's what we do for a living!

To make a long story short, He was a big fan of ours and wore his ring with great pride every day for the rest of his life. And, we feel pretty good about that...

  Our first CPO ring 2001



Can I make installment payments or do you offer financing?

Yes,  we can break it down into 3 or more equal monthly installments and send the ring when the balance is paid.


What is the procedure for ordering, payments, delivery & other additional costs. the fine print..

To order, we will need to provide you with a quote, to receive a quote, please visit our "pricing and contact" page for instructions.

We accept pay pal, bank wire transfer or personal check.  We do charge our actual cost for pay pal processing fees and shipping but their is no receiving or processing charges from us with either a bank wire or personal check (personal checks require proper clearing time)

And their are no sales taxes in Oregon.

Can I have diamonds in place of the rubies and sapphires?

Yes of course.  Our standard diamonds are at the top of the grading charts all with perfect cut's.  6 diamonds will look very nice with this ring.

What jewelry stores can I find this ring?

You can't.   we limit production to about 50 per year so we can continue to  create for our repeat customers. Plus, I don't know a jewelry store in the world that I think should make 3 times more just for selling the ring than we do for making it... (which is a whole lot harder) If it's a choice between the customer getting a better deal or some jewelry store making more, I'm pretty sure I'm going on the customers side..

How come I've never heard of you?

Good question and one that was raised at the CPOSF best of the mess event in February 2011. We've been making high end Chief rings for 10 years but since the majority of our work has been custom design and prototyping we don't "advertise" our work because we already stay pretty busy... word of mouth from satisfied customers "is" the marketing plan.. Quality workmanship and fair prices  always result in positive word of mouth advertising. 

For Chief rings, we depend on a small ad on the goatlocker and our growing list of satisfied Chiefs to spread the word.


a few more q&a's

Below are the approx dimensions of a size 10 ring and the answers to your questions.,
for a size 10-The thickness at the top of the ring is 4.4 mm and 1.5 mm at the bottom.
the width at the bottom is 8.75 mm and at the top is 17.5 mm
the length of the anchor from top to bottom is 15.3 mm
Are the gem stones 0.25 ct? What exact weight, 0.20 maybe or larger? Are they 100% real stones? What grade are the diamonds, SI1, SI 2, I
We offer gem stones in 2  varieties... premium which are natural gem stones of a high grade. and lab created gem stones.. (the best that can be made by man) 
They are each 3 mm (for a size 10 ring) and weigh approx 10 to 12 points. each point represents 1% of 100. So a 10 point stone is 1/10th of a ct, a 25 point stone would be a 1/4 ct.
Colored gems are a little heavier and depending on the exact cut of the stone can vary in weight a little. The diamonds we use are vs-g but, we just made one using H&A (hearts and arrows) which were VVS1-d/e.  they were approx twice the price listed.
the lowest grade diamond we use in any of our work would be a VS_g. The only way we would use an SI would be if it was the customers diamond "and" it had some tremendous sentimental value. But typically we have a "no ugly gem stones in our jewelry" policy.
Are the initials platinum or white gold?
all of the anchors we make are in 18k yellow gold with the letters USN capped in a white metal which is the same as the ring... for example, if the ring is made in platinum, the letter caps will be in platinum. if the ring is made in palladium, the letter caps are palladium. We can change this to something different if you'd like.?
What is Palladium?
Palladium is a white metal we use which caters to a price point between sterling silver and 18k. further specs of this metal can be found at this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palladium
What grade of Platinum is the metal? Is it also 18ct?
 no platinum is not "also" 18k, it is a different metal.
the grade of platinum we use is PT 950. If this isn't to your liking, just let me know what grade you want and we will make it in that.


if you have a question or comment  that is not addressed here, please let me know and I will post it.



You ask for it and we made it!

Are there any plans to make a Master Chief Petty Officer ring? Sincerely,Sean Hudson

You ask for it and we made it!

Sir;  I retired a Navy Chief three years ago, and found your beautiful CPO ring on the www.Goatlocker.org. I was wondering the price. My ring size is a 7, Start date and delivery we can talk about later but there is no rush for quality. Payment can be by personnel check, pay pal. Can I pay by Master Card or debit card, If not thatís fine. I just need a ball park price. If I act fast can I have it before Christmas? Thanks in advance for your time and efforts.


You bet you can have it by Christmas without compromise to the workmanship. price quote sent. we take pay pal or personal check or even bank wire

Mr. Brucker,
First of all, I LOVE your CPO ring!  I would love to get a price quote
so that I could get one for myself. 



Quote sent and we would be honored to make one for you.

Can you make a female ring that is more feminine?


You bet we can,  here are all 3 styles to choose from.


I don't wear rings but would love a pendant.. any ideas?

Will one of these work for you?








What can we make for you?

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