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     by Master Goldsmith Carol Ahern


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If you do not get a reply from us in 24 hours, it is because our reply could not be delivered to the address we are given. "Some" .Gov web addresses have blocks on them. To be certain you get a reply, please supply us with your personal e-mail address or contact me directly by phone..

  mailing address:
  P.O. Box 301
  Crescent Oregon

 541-433-5262 Shop

503-501-7902 Cell-text

We are always interested in hearing from you - whether it be questions, submitting ideas for design, comments or orders -

We will answer all questions in a very timely fashion.

You may wish to include as much information as possible if you are submitting questions for a custom piece...


When submitting photos for review, please send them in "JPEG" format.

Thank you

Bob Brucker & Carol Ahern

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