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Fine Custom  & Limited edition Jewelry. 

Fine masterpieces designed and made in the USA


When you are looking to commission a well made piece of fine jewelry, personally handled from conception to completion by a Master goldsmith with 45+ years experience.

Each piece made from start to finish by the skilled hands of

Master Goldsmith

Carol Ahern


Hello and welcome to our  "gallery in progress". My name is Bob Brucker...Your Host, narrator and shopkeeper... I also handle the marketing and web design, photography, customer inquiries and scheduling.


Wolf ring collection       

Natural sherry topaz in 18k


Carol, holds the skill and talent! She's been making and designing (Bench work, Wax carvings, Stone settings, Mold making, Fabricating, Milling and yes, even hand polishing) Jewelry for 45+ years. (That is a lot of time for someone to perfect their skills) and as you explore our web site her level of Mastery will become obvious.

Together, we combine over 70 years of servicing  clients who want the very best that can be had regardless of time or effort.

In today's world of high tech high speed manufacturing and consumers  demanding lower prices  we have found  support and encouragement from people around the world  who  hold value to quality, originality, style, exclusivity and customer experience over purchase price, impulse or convenience...

BASIC MAN'S RING collection

Platinum, 18k diamonds & Ruby

                    We hope you enjoy your visit into our world of fine jewelry, take your time, we have hundreds of original designs listed and if you don't find exactly what you want, we can probably custom make it for you.

Cross Pendant

We are a "Mom and Pop" shop, therefore, you can expect full accountability and a buying experience you are not likely to forget.   Done the way (we think) it should be done... (correctly)

Read a few letters from our customers

   Custom Wedding rings


2 tone 18k hand fabricated



Some things to consider with Custom Jewelry

    Hand Made Jewelry (if expertly made and designed with purpose) is an excellent investment in  many ways ... Plus, it's just nice to own and enjoy a fine custom piece.. (Especially if you have some input into the design.)

and as a gift, it is unmatched. 


It is by far better (and wiser) to pay a little more for Genuine quality and get exactly what you want Vs the alternative. if you have the means, than by all means, do it  do it right and do it once.


Our prices are fair and reasonable for the quality of work we produce. of course, this type of work carries a premium...  you should expect no "discounts or special promotions", nothing in our line is "closing out" or "liquidating"... and you will actually get what you pay for without all the hype and marketing games...and you will be treated to a unique and fine experience , the workmanship and attention to detail will more than justify the "price" and "wait".. Everyone is happy in the end just like it's been for 45 years... No complaints, no returns.


Limited Editions

Military Jewelry


2 tone 18k gold, rubies, diamonds & sapphires   

We offer our customers

Their choices of precious and semi precious gemstones from around the globe from which to choose. Accessibility to some of the worlds most renowned Diamond Cutters, Stone Cutters and aware winning gem stone designers.

Selecting a piece of jewelry is always a  personal and budgetary decision and not every piece you buy can or should be a masterpiece... their is no shortage in America of mass produced off the shelf jewelry for any occasion..

But, there is a time in everyone's life when the occasion demands perfection... when excellence can only be rewarded with excellence, the time when it simply has to be done well.

Yin Yang Collection


     We will tailor your ideas to create a beautiful masterpiece you can be "legitimately" proud of.


Why "not" settle for only the very best? After all, it's for you or the one you love...

Take the Luxury of Flexibility over "off the rack"

It might fit your budget but, is it "really" what you want?

We are only limited by your imagination & budget. and, since we have no middle men, no retailers markup  which is a savings between 100 and 200% over a jewelry store or gallery, there is no excuse to skimp on quality. and that's simply smart buying...

Again, we invite you to browse our site. No question is too insignificant. You will receive personal service and you can expect our strict attention to detail.

I'm certain you will be happy with your experience with us. we have yet to experience a single dissatisfied customer in over 45 years and don't intend to start..

          What can we make for you?

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